A List of Never-do’s

The book features 20 “never-do’s” that children, and anyone else for that matter, should beware of.  We are sure you can think of even more, but in the meantime, NEVER:

–poke fingers in places they’re not meant to go.

–take an egg from a mother duck.

–attempt to hold the nose of an elephant.

–play with a brand new bottle of glue.

–goose a moose

–leave two or more strings alone together

–pick your nose without some tissues where you sit.

–eat cookies and crackers in your bed.

–think you can shave an ape no mater how hairy.

–leave a bug in a jar in your room at night.–write on your body with any  kind of pen.

–Pet an alligator on the nose

–try to put clothes on a slithering snake.

–buy a diamond necklace for a giraffe

–get into a boxing match with a kangaroo.

–go on grownup errands with your mom and dad.

–kiss a cow on the lips

–put things in your mouth just because they look good to eat.

–try to wake a sleeping bear.

–go to bed when you’re angry with someone.


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