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Never go on grownup errands with your mom and dad.
Ask for a babysitter to watch you; you’ll be glad.
Moms and dads go to the strangest places,
and usually meet people with unsmiling faces.
Maybe it’s a banker or a real estate broker they have to see.
You’ll be bored silly and be told to stop being so fidgety.
They’ll probably talk and talk and sign some documents,
or do all kinds of things that seem to make no sense.
And the room you’re stuck waiting in is stuffy and boring.
There’s nothing to play with and others waiting may be snoring.
You’ll have nothing to do but take off your shoes and play with your toes,
or you could make funny faces, or maybe even pick your nose.
There’s nothing more awful than having to wait with nothing to do.
Grownups sometimes forget you need to be busy doing something, too.
No, you’d be better off with a babysitter, you’d be a lot less sad
than going on grownup errands with your mom and dad.

Never poke fingers in places they’re not meant to go.
Just poke around a few places and you’ll soon know.
Fingers shouldn’t go into spaces where they don’t fit.
They easily get stuck there, and there you’ll sit.
You’ll have to use soap or grease and lots of pull.
Stuck fingers in a hole can be as stubborn as a bull.
You can use your fingers to point things out or help grip and squeeze,
but don’t poke them in your ears and especially in your nose, puh-leeze!
Fingers are great to scratch an itch or massage a back.
They can strum a guitar, hold a crayon or open a snack.
Fingers push buttons, flick switches and line things up in a row.

Fingers are great…just don’t poke them in places they’re not meant to go!


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