A Children's Book Featuring a Zany Collection of Never-do's! 

Here’s a book full of sensible advice for young children, spiced with lots of nonsense and silliness in between.  Never Goose A Moose …and a bunch of other things you should never do! is a collection of whimsical verse featuring twenty thought-provoking “never-do’s” children should beware of.  Among them, learn why you should:

                    - never leave a bug in a jar in your room at night
                    - never leave two strings alone together
                    - never pick your nose without some tissues nearby
                   - never kiss a cow on the lips 

Rhyme maker, Marc Kuhn, makes it all sound so laudable and laughable, accompanied with hilarious illustrations by the crafty pen of Lynda Mangoro.  Never Goose a Moose makes for great bedtime reading for both parents and children. Read and enjoy!  For sure, you’ll never goose a moose…well maybe once, just for laughs! 

About The Book

Never Goose a Moose …and a bunch of other things  you should never do! Available @ amazon.com - click here
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